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We're at the midway point in the countdown. Beginning with this post and at intervals of ten as we move forward, we will give a tip of the hat to albums that arguably should've made the list...but didn't.


Gospel Hard Rock (Mark, 1971) 

Fred Caban & company was one of the very earliest hard rock bands to play Christian music. Jesus Rock historian Paul Baker famously called their music "Jesus Rock at its crustiest." Based on the release dates alone, the historical significance of these records cannot be overlooked. Gospel Hard Rock featured blues-oriented material that rocked much harder than anything coming out of Calvary Chapel at the time. 

Victims of Tradition (Renrut, 1972)

Victims of Tradition added some jazz-fusion into the mix. It's even been suggested that these gentlemen inspired Larry Norman to play rock and roll for Jesus. If so, we all owe them a huge debt of gratitude. 


My Poor Generation (Rock the World, 1973)

Bizarre stuff. One of the stranger and more original units in the history of Jesus Rock. Fronted by Glenn Schartz (formerly of James Gang and Pacific Gas and Electric), this band inspired lots of rumors and conspiracy theories. An early member, Tom Miller, was one of the "Kent 25," the group of students who instigated the infamous 1970 riots at Kent State University. It is rumored that fellow Ohio native Phil Keaggy was a member of the band for a while, though this apparently has never been corroborated. It's also alleged that the band was part of an extremist cult that eventually lost its way big time. Somehow, they made some inventive, memorable, eerie music along the way. 


Brainwashed (War Again, 1976)

My Poor Generation alternates between rock and folk, while Brainwashed rocked harder and was directed more to the unsaved. These guys were versatile - each record alternates between psychedelic rock, blues, folk and even Southern Gospel - and just plain weird.


Following You (Greentree, 1978)

These talented gentlemen with well-established musical pedigrees created some smooth, radio-friendly pop on their debut (#91 on our list), and that continued here. Following You was a rarity: a 2-record set of studio material. It came in a gatefold cover and featured tunes by such noteworthy songwriters as Tim Sheppard, Phil Johnson, Donnie McGuire and Reba Rambo. Highlights included the title track, You're So Good To Me, and the wildly popular (Jesus You're So) Wonderful.


Things We Deeply Feel (Light, 1975)

The Archers had roots firmly planted in the Jesus Movement. Tim and Steve grew up as Pentecostal preacher's kids in Southern California. They put a band together and relied on their own soulful vocals as well as the talents of Nancye Short and Billy Masters. 1975's Things We Deeply Feel included a song called It Wouldn't Be Enough that went on to become a monster hit for the group. Little sister Janice joined and by the late 70s they had become a photogenic sibling trio with lots of hair, million dollar smiles, and a slick, polished West Coast sound thanks to some really good material and some of the best session players in the business. 


Stand Up (Light, 1978)

Stand Up featured huge hits like the title track and Pickin' Up The Pieces. It really should've been on the Top 100 list. 


Celebrate Live (Light, 1979)

Celebrate Live was essentially a greatest hits project. It also included an unforgettable rendition of the classic gospel hymn Where Could I Go. Whether playing Explo 72, the White House, or lots of places in between, the Archers were crowd pleasers who always gave God the glory.


Bethlehem (Maranatha!, 1978)

Country rock produced by Tom Stipe and Al Perkins. Originally known as Bethlehem Steel (to call attention to one of their primary instruments, the steel guitar), they eventually shortened the name to avoid any potential legal challenges. The group featured Danny Daniels who went on to be a decent bluesman and a pastor in the Vineyard church movement.


First Class (Lamb & Lion, 1978)

The sophomore release by this sister act was a big step forward in production values over their debut. It featured hits like You Took My Heart By Surprise and I'm A Believer. But the tracks that got our attention were a cover of Daniel Amos' Father's Arms as well as I Love You More (Than My Rock And Roll) featuring an unforgettable guest vocal appearance by inimitable Mr. Matthew Ward


I'm Not Religious, I Just Love the Lord (Sparrow, 1977)

Remembered today as a prolific songwriter with a burden for missions, Scott Wesley Brown actually got his start during the Jesus Music era. Initially a folk singer-songwriter reminiscent of Gordon Lightfoot, Brown eventually enjoyed a great amount of CCM radio airplay as he worked tirelessly on behalf of the poor and hungry around the world through I Care Ministries. I'm Not Religious was his third album and is said to be a "classic." Highlights included the title track and a huge hit called I Wish You Jesus. 


Shinin' Through the Rain (Lamb & Lion, 1979)

Actor-turned-singer Wendell Burton released four albums of CCM during his career. Shinin' Through the Rain contained Guru -- somewhat of a novelty song that was funny, timely, and well-sung and played.


Evening Pastoral (Sword, 1979)

Rob Cassells was a "southern boogie piano man" from the palmetto state who surrendered his life to Jesus in 1971 at age 19. Turning his back on drugs, he began to tour clubs up and down the east coast, using a thick southern drawl to tell audiences about the One who'd set him free. Often compared to Leon Russell, Cassells recorded a classic debut in 1979 that featured Steve Morse of the Dixie Dregs on guitar.


Chris Christian (Myrrh, 1976)

For many of us, this album was our introduction to this multi-talented artist who is credited with not only discovering Amy Grant, but also with practically inventing the soft-rock CCM sound that became so pervasive in the late 70s and beyond. Born Lon Christian Smith in 1951, he has been instrumental in either launching or helping to sustain the careers of many artists over the years, including B.J. Thomas, The Imperials, Dogwood, Fireworks, White Heart, Mark Heard, Steve Archer, Dan Peek, and many others. His self-titled debut contained a classic titled Mountain Top and a country-rock send-up of Larry Norman's most famous rock and roll song. Christian called his version Why Does the Devil (Have All the Good Music) - he even mentioned Larry by name in the bridge - and gave it more of a country flair. In fact, the whole album has more in common with country music than 80% of what passes as "country" these days. Other highlights included Get Back to the Bible and Great, Great Joy. A case could be made for including this one on the Top 100 list. Christian's songs were recorded by Elvis Presley, Olivia Newton-John, Hall and Oates, Natalie Cole, The Pointer Sisters, The Carpenters, Dionne Warwick, Donnie Osmond, and many more. Christian has produced albums that have been nominated for nine and won four Grammy Awards. He has also been nominated for seven Gospel Music Association Dove Awards as an artist, songwriter, and producer, winning five. He's been inducted into the West Texas Music Hall of Fame, as well as the Christian Music Hall of Fame in 2007.


Come Into His Presence (Seed, 1974)

With four other albums on our countdown, we've already had plenty to say about Paul Clark's life and music. Come Into His Presence featured (among others) Bill Speer on piano, Love Song members Jay Truax and John Mehler on bass and drums, and the already-great Phil Keaggy on lead guitar. This record achieved a more full rock sound than Clark had been able to accomplish up until that point. Highlights include the title track and He’ll Do The Same. Considered a Jesus Music classic, and one that probably should've been in our Top 100 list. For more on Paul Clark's life and ministry, click here, here, here and here.


Standin' in the Light (Maranatha!, 1979)

He scored a #4 secular hit (Ride Captain Ride) with Blues Image in 1970, and although his debut solo album wasn't released until 1979, Denny Correll's fingerprints were all over the Jesus Music era. He was an early member of the band Love Song, and was instrumental in causing Chuck Girard to begin reading the Bible and searching for God. He'd been a part of the group Manna, had written several songs for Darrell Mansfied's debut album, and sang on The Misfit by Erick Nelson and Michele Pillar. Highlights from Standin' in the Light included the title track, Living Water and The Witness. Denny Correll went Home to be with the Lord on November 29, 2002 at age 56.


I'll Be Thinking of You (Light, 1979)

Andrae's biography has been and will continue to be thoroughly explored, as he has many albums in the countdown. This was his first solo album after disbanding The Disciples, and it featured a RIDICULOUS supporting cast. Philip Bailey, Bea Carr, Sandra Crouch, James Felix, Tommy Funderburk, Danniebelle Hall, Hadley Hockensmith, David Hungate, Abraham Laboriel, Bill Maxwell, Marty McCall, Howard and Linda McCrary, Perry Morgan, Glen Myerscough, Michael Omartian, Dean Parks, Billy Preston, Harlan Rogers, Phyllis Saint James, Joe Sample, Leland Sklar, and Stevie Wonder all had a part to play in making this Grammy-winning album what it was. Highlights included the title track and I've Got the Best. Probably should be in the Top 100.


This One's For You (Song of Songs, 1978)

David & the Giants: Four men from Mississippi who are at least as well known for their gentle, humble spirits as for their classic, southern rock and roll. In the 80s they built their own studio, produced their own projects and released their own albums, delighting rock fans while simultaneously flooding Christian radio airwaves with hit after hit after hit. This One's For You is the group's sophomore Christian release; highlights include He's Comin' Back and the very first studio recording of the classic song Noah, a spine-chilling tune that would be used to close out most David & the Giants concerts throughout the 80s and 90s. 


It's All Right Now (Light, 1977)

Most Christian rock fans know Jessy Dixon as "that black guy in the Destined To Win video with DeGarmo & Key." Long before his collaboration with D&K, Jessy Dixon was making music of his own. It's All Right Now was produced by Bill Maxwell and Andrae Crouch, and featured the talents of Harlan Rogers, Joe Sample, Ernie Watts, Glenn Myerscough, and some Disciples with names like Danniebelle Hall, Bili Thedford, James Felix and Perry Morgan. Standout tracks include the title track, Father Me, I'm Satisfied, Hold On, and Born Again. It was a Dove and Grammy winning project. Jessy Dixon went Home to be with the Lord on September 26, 2011. He was 73.


After the Flood, Before the Fire (Lamb & Lion, 1975)

Dogwood served as the launching pad for husband/wife team Steve & Annie Chapman. The Chapmans recorded as a duo and enjoyed a long and fruitful ministry to families and couples after Dogwood ended. Ron Elder was the other member of Dogwood. After the Fire, Before the Flood is notable for a couple of reasons: it represented Chris Christian's very first time in the producer's chair, and it featured a song called Water Grave. That classic song about baptism was later perfected by the Imperials, but it was first brought to our attention by Dogwood


Love Note (Lamb & Lion, 1976)

Love Note sees Annie Chapman stepping into a more prominent role. Acoustic guitars, fiddles and banjos were staples for this country folk trio.


Mirror (Word, 1977)

She was the Sweetheart of Christian Music in the 1970s. With cross-generational appeal, Evie was loved (or at the very least tolerated) by everyone in the house. And everyone in the Church. Mirror has been called "the ultimate Evie album," producing hits like the title track, Born Again, Praise You Just the Same and Just Because I Asked


Never the Same (Word, 1979)

Never the Same offered popular tunes like Live For Jesus, Special Delivery and the title track which, incidentally, was penned by the man she would marry - Pelle Karlsson. These might've made the Top 100 if they'd been a little less "inspirational" and a little more "contemporary."

We'll have more Honorable Mentions after 10 more posts.

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IN REVIEW: "The 2nd 50"

We've taken a good, hard look at 50 albums now, as we count 'em down to #1. Seems like a natural time to press pause and take a look back at what we'll call "The 2nd 50."

• 51 FINAL TOUCH by Love Song
Good News – 1974  |  Produced by Love Song

It’s been described as a “patchwork”…an album comprised of leftover songs that didn’t make it onto the group’s debut release. Love Song’s soaring vocal harmonies and the anointing of the Holy Spirit combine to make these some of the tastiest leftovers you’re likely to ever experience.

Standout Tracks:
Jesus Puts the Song In Our Hearts
The Cossack Song
Little Pilgrim

• 52 SOULFULLY by Andrae Crouch & the Disciples
Light – 1971  |  Produced by Bill Cole

A potent mix of Black Gospel and Jesus Music…a group of authentic black artists doing what came naturally. When you blend Andrae's anointing with the  Motown sound and Philadelphia Soul, you get an album like Soulfully. 

Standout Tracks: 
Through It All
It Won’t Be Long

• 53 HAND TO THE PLOW by Paul Clark
Seed – 1977  |  Produced by Paul Clark

A heady mix of jazz, soul and R&B, all with an authentic "classic rock" sound. Seven- minute jams, piano and sax brought to the fore, lush orchestration performed by members of the Oklahoma Philharmonic, and a guest vocal by a young girl who would later make a huge mark of her own. Hand to the Plow was a big hinge on a big door in my career,” says Paul Clark.

Standout Tracks:
Hand To The Plow
Woman/Man That I Love

• 54 NO SHORTAGE by The Imperials
Impact – 1975  |  Produced by Gary S. Paxton

Wildman Gary S. Paxton showed some restraint for a change, and helped this award-winning group turn out an album with cross-cultural appeal. It was a record with its finger on the pulse of life in the USA in 1975.

Standout Tracks:
No ShortageGive Them All To Jesus
My Child, Welcome Home

Grammy Award (Best Gospel Performance)
Dove Award (Pop/Contemporary Album of the year)

• 55 Phil Keaggy – The Master and the Musician
New Song – 1978  |  Produced by Phil Keaggy

The first of many instrumental albums from the master guitarist…and this one was special.

Standout Tracks:
Agora (The Marketplace)
Suite of Reflections
Follow Me Up

• 56 EYES TO THE SKY by Randy Matthews
Myrrh – 1975  |  Produced by Austin Roberts

A cathartic, relentlessly introspective and honest release from one of the Founding Fathers of Gospel Rock.

Standout Tracks:
Oh My
Wounded Warrior
Guardian Angel

• 57 JUST ANDRAE by Andrae Crouch
Light – 1972  |  Produced by Bill Cole

A very eclectic album. Gospel-infused Jesus rock, a worship standard, a country sing-along, even a weird psychedelic song about demonic deception. But the ballads…those beautiful, deep, rich, textured, thoughtful ballads are what makes Just Andrae a truly exceptional audio snapshot of what God was doing in 1972.

Standout Tracks:
If Heaven Was Never Promised To Me
What Does Jesus Mean To You
Bless His Holy Name (Psalm 103)

• 58 CHANGE IN THE WIND by Paul Clark
Seed – 1978  |  Produced by Paul Clark

A pleasing mix of rock, jazz and R&B with just a touch of traditional Jesus Music. The lyrics were smart and street-wise, penned by a man with the heart of an evangelist.

Standout Tracks:
Change In The Wind
Ounce of Prevention
He Wouldn’t Lie

• 59 ONE MORE SONG FOR YOU by The Imperials
Dayspring – 1979  |  Produced by Michael Omartian

The breakthrough album for this legendary group. Producer Michael Omartian employed a stellar lineup of A-list session players, but made Russ Taff’s voice the most important instrument on the album. He also brought a really strong group of songs to the table (many of them written by himself and his wife Stormie).

Standout Tracks:
I’m Forgiven
Eagle Song
Higher Power

Dove Award (Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year)

• 60 SAYIN' IT WITH LOVE by Steve Camp
Myrrh - 1978  |  Produced by Steve Camp and Paul Bogush, Jr.

A fitting introduction to a man whose talents and convictions would often take center stage in the CCM world over a span of three decades. 

Standout Tracks:
Sayin' It With Love
If I Were a Singer
Strong Love, Strange Peace with Diamonds

Lamb & Lion - 1978  |  Produced by Chris Christian

Radio-ready, light and breezy…with Peek's effortless falsetto soaring above it all. 

Standout Tracks:
All Things Are Possible
Love Was Just Another Word
One Way

• 62 SHALLOW WATER by Servant
Tunesmith - 1979  |  Produced by Bob Brooks

At times dated...imperfect...rough...a little ragged around the edges. But that's also what gives this album a lot of its charm. Servant's energy and passion definitely got their message across on this debut album. A fitting introduction, and a welcome addition to the very small cadre of CCM groups willing to rock hard in 1979. 

Standout Tracks:
Shallow Water
Jesus Star
Holy Roller Blues

• 63 LIGHTEN UP by Barry McGuire
Myrrh - 1975  |  Produced by Buck Herring

One of the landmark projects of Barry McGuire’s music career. The lyrics are insightful, the playing superb, the emotions raw and real. 

Standout Tracks:
Callin' Me Home
Happy Road
Anyone But Jesus

• 64 EVERGREEN by Honeytree
Myrrh - 1975  |  Produced by Billy Ray Hearn

This was the album that forever cemented her legacy as the "First Lady of Jesus Music." 

Standout Tracks:
(Lovely Jesus) Here I Am
Rattle Me, Shake Me

• 65 WHAT A DAY by Phil Keaggy
New Song – 1973  |  Produced by Phil Keaggy and Gary Hedden

What really made What A Day special was the spirit behind the music. There is no escaping the sense that you are listening to the joys and wonder experienced by a new believer in Jesus. It’s a bonus that he just happens to be a really, really, really good guitarist.

Standout Tracks:
What A Day

• 66 HEAVEN AIN’T ALL THERE IS by The Pat Terry Group
Chrism/Newpax – 1979  |  Produced by The Pat Terry Group

An album they produced on their own in a studio they created themselves. “In these tracks I hear me turning a corner in my faith and my music,” says Pat Terry.

Standout Tracks:
I Wanna Put My Armor On
Written In The Book Of Life
Reason Why You Do The Things You Do

• 67 THE MELODIES IN ME by Honeytree
Myrrh – 1979  |  Produced by Al Perkins

On The Melodies in Me, Nancy Honeytree had a story to tell…one with which she was intimately familiar…because it was her story. A beautiful, transitional concept album that marked the beginning-of-the-end of her Jesus Music period.

Standout Tracks:
Making Melody In My Heart
Diamond in the Rough

• 68 WILDWALL by Malcolm & Alwyn
Myrrh – 1974  |  Produced by Jon Miller, Roger Hand and Rod Edwards

Jesus Music’s Simon & Garfunkel turn their amps up to 11 (well, to 9 at least) and deliver a darker, more aggressive sophomore release.

Standout Tracks:
I Feel Fine
I Love
England Goodbye

• 69 JUST BECAUSE by The Imperials
Impact – 1976  |  Produced by Phil Johnson

The final release from this particular lineup of Imperials, Just Because was a somewhat serious collection of songs, displaying a certain maturity from a group of men who had weathered many storms and traveled many miles together, both literally and figuratively.

Standout Tracks:
Just Because He Loves You
He Made My Life Come Together
He’s Coming Back

Grammy nominated (Best Gospel Performance)

• 70 SLOW TRAIN COMING by Bob Dylan
Columbia – 1979  |  Produced by Jerry Wexler and Barry Beckett

Bob Dylan got saved! This was a well-played, hugely consequential album that thrilled many but enraged others due to its lyrical content. Now, about the vocals…

Standout Tracks:
Gotta Serve Somebody
I Believe In You
When He Returns

Grammy Award (Best Rock Male Vocal Performance)

• 71 MYLON, WE BELIEVE by Mylon LeFevre
Cotillion – 1970  |  Produced by Allen Toussaint

On this historic album, a young Mylon LeFevre leaves his southern gospel roots behind and embraces gritty, southern rock and roll. One of the first true Jesus Rock albums in existence.

Standout Tracks:
Old Gospel Ship
Sunday School Blues
Trying To Be Free

• 72 LIVE IN LONDON by Andrae Crouch & the Disciples
Light – 1978  |  Produced by Andrae Crouch and Bill Maxwell

This turned out to be the final release for the group Andrae Crouch & the Disciples. They went out with a bang. A prestigious venue, world-class musicians, and anointed songs combine to make this 2-record set very special.

Standout Tracks:
I Surrender All
You Don’t Have To Jump No Pews
Well Done

Grammy Award (Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album)
Dove Award (Soul/Black Gospel)

Maranatha! Music – 1971  |  Produced by Chuck Girard

The very first release on Maranatha! Music was a strong indication to the wider world that God was up to something good in Southern California. This Calvary Chapel compilation album served as a musical statement of faith for young people who were simply in love with Jesus.

Standout Tracks:
Little Country Church
Two Roads
For Those Tears I Died

• 74 MIKE WARNKE ALIVE! by Mike Warnke
Myrrh – 1976  |  Produced by Paul Craig

A hugely popular, iconic recording from the official comic of the Jesus Rock era. Despite the revelations and allegations that came later, Mike Warnke Alive! was funny, effective and powerful.

Standout Tracks:
Preacher Lessons and Cookie Cutters
Bible Stories and Jonah
The Jesus Freaks

• 75 RAINBOW’S END by Resurrection Band
Star Song – 1979  |  Produced by Resurrection Band

Rainbow's End picked up where Awaiting Your Reply left off, again featuring the group’s classic, hard rock sound. Lyrically, it was vintage Resurrection Band: uncompromised Christian themes with a few political statements and some social awareness thrown in for good measure.

Standout Tracks:
Paint A Picture
Everytime It Rains

• 76 BENNY HESTER by Benny Hester
Spirit – 1978  |  Produced by Brent Maher

An album that properly showcased Hester's radio-ready pop/rock vocals and songwriting style, with unapologetically Christian lyrical themes.

Standout Tracks:
Be A Receiver
Jesus Came Into My Life
We All Know He’s Comin’

• 77 GOOD TO BE HOME by Paul Clark & Friends
Seed – 1975  |  Produced by Paul Clark and Phil Keaggy

Paul Clark’s songwriting had matured, and his “friends” just happened to be a group of really good musicians. Featuring Phil Keaggy’s unmistakable guitar work from start to finish, Good to Be Home was a classic rock and roll album for folks who loved the Lord.

Standout Tracks:
Holding On To You
Which One Are You

• 78 HIGHER POWER by Darrell Mansfield
Maranatha! Music / A&S  - 1979  |  Produced by Skip Konte

A promising, powerful debut from the man who would later become the Dean of Christian Bluesmen.
Standout Tracks:
That’s All Right
He Has Overcome
Higher Power

• 79 SEEDS by Barry McGuire
Myrrh – 1973  |  Produced by Buck Herring

All of the popular themes from the Jesus Movement’s early days are here: the second coming of Jesus, new life in Christ, evangelism, Scripture songs, and the retelling of famous Bible stories. An important statement of faith from the gruff but lovable Mr. McGuire.

Standout Tracks:
Love Is
Shauna’s Song

• 80 GROWING PAINS by Jamie Owens
Light – 1975  |  Produced by Al Perkins

Growing Pains boasted a ‘who’s who’ supporting cast, rich orchestration, and the sweet, yet strong voice of Jamie Owens, a maturing artist in her own right with some important things to say.

Standout Tracks:
Hard Times
The Victor
My Jesus, I Love Thee

• 81 IMPERIALS by The Imperials
Impact – 1972  |  Produced by Bob MacKenzie and Charlie Tallent

The legendary group takes a risk and records an album full of spiritually-aware, mainstream pop tunes. Rich harmonies and pleasing musical arrangements are found in abundance.

Standout Tracks:
Gospel Ship
Didn’t he Shine
You Should Have Come Sooner

• 82 HIT THE SWITCH by Pantano/Salsbury
Solid Rock – 1977  |  Produced by Larry Norman

Much more than “just a record on your stereo,” this lone release from John Pantano and Ron Salsbury was fun, comfortable, and full of substance.

Standout Tracks:
Soul Seeker
Hold On
Lover of My Soul

Newpax – 1975  |  Produced by Bob MacKenzie and Gary S. Paxton

Jesus Music’s eccentric uncle takes center stage with an eclectic album of hippie humor and biting social commentary set to country, gospel, rock, disco and funk.

Standout Tracks:
Different World
Sophisticated Savages
He Was There All the Time

Grammy Award for best Inspirational Album (1975)

• 84 HONEYTREE by Honeytree
Myrrh – 1973  |  Produced by Joe Moscheo and Paul Craig

Sparse production, short songs, and simple arrangements…but that’s precisely what gave Honeytree’s self-titled debut much of its charm. People love this album because they love these songs. And they love Nancy Honeytree.

Standout Tracks:
Clean Before My Lord
I Don’t Have to Worry

• 85 A PORTRAIT OF US ALL by Farrell & Farrell
Newpax – 1979  |  Produced by Brown Bannister

Before reinventing themselves as a highly successful techno-pop group in the 80s, Bob & Jayne Farrell treated us to some amazing songs on this album, produced and engineered by a young Brown Bannister.

Standout Tracks:
Boundless Love
Jailhouse Rock
All You Need

• 86 SAIL ON SAILOR by Mustard Seed Faith
Maranatha! Music – 1975  |  Produced by Tommy Coomes

Oden Fong’s smooth vocals, Pedro Buford’s “dirty flute” solos, Lewis McVay’s classic title track and Rick Griffin’s iconic cover art combine to make Sail On Sailor a winner all the way around…and much loved.

Standout Tracks:
Sail On Sailor
Sweet Jesus Morning
Back Home

• 87 GLAD by Glad
Myrrh – 1978  |  Produced by Ed Nalle

A tasty mixture of jazz, progressive rock and stylish pop, along with intelligent lyrics firmly rooted and grounded in the Word of God.

Standout Tracks:
All Things
Love That Never Dies
Psalm 121 

• 88 MATTHEWS TAYLOR & JOHNSON by Randy Matthews, Danny Taylor & Mike Johnson
Newpax – 1976  |  Produced by Bob MacKenzie and Randy Matthews

Three veteran singer/songwriters of the Jesus Music era join forces and pool their talents. Real...gritty…authentic. These were three men who had lived life. You could see it in their faces and hear it in their voices.

Standout Tracks:
Something in Common
The Gambler
This and That

• 89 FRESH SURRENDER by The Archers
Light – 1977  |  Produced by Tim Archer, Steve Archer and Bill Cole

Boasting a 'who’s who' of top session players, soulful vocals from the brothers, and baby sister Janice’s million dollar smile, Fresh Surrender became The Archers’ best-selling album to that point. Memorable songs…and production that was through the roof.

Standout Tracks:
Water Into WineSanctified Life
Make Me An Instrument

Dove Award nomination for Best Contemporary Album

• 90 – HEAVENLY LOVE by The Boones
Lamb & Lion - 1979  |  Produced by Chris Christian

The Boone ladies were at the top of their game vocally. Their sibling harmonies and Chris Christian’s production talents combine to make this a healthy dose of polished pop perfection.

Standout Tracks:
Heavenly Love
Because I Love Him
You Came Softly

• 91 – GRAND OPENING by Andrus, Blackwood & Co.
Greentree - 1977  |  Produced by Phil Johnson

These two former Imperials turn in an album of polished 70s pop, radio-friendly vocal harmonies, and well-crafted songs.

Standout Tracks:
I’m Gonna Rise

Dove Award – Graphic Layout and Design

• 92 - PETRA by Petra
Myrrh - 1974  |  Produced by Billy Ray Hearn

They hadn’t found their singer yet, but that didn’t stop them from releasing an album of solid, guitar-driven, rural rock ‘n roll with lots of lengthy, harmony-guitar leads and lyrics that pointed directly to Jesus.

Standout Tracks:
Wake Up
Back Sliding Blues
Get Back to the Bible

Creative Sound - 1972  |  Produced by Paul Clark

It was one of Jesus Music’s very first offerings and is credited with helping to establish the genre as an art form.

Standout Tracks:
Looking Glass Incident
Song for Salvation
It Was True

• 94 MY FATHER’S EYES by Amy Grant
Myrrh - 1979  |  Produced by Brown Bannister

My Father’s Eyes was proof that 18-year old Amy had grown up a lot since her debut. But it gave us few clues as to what was around the bend for CCM’s earnest girl-next-door.
Standout Tracks:
Faith Walkin’ People
Always the Winner
Hardware:Grammy nomination for Best Gospel Performance, Contemporary or Inspirational

• 95 MARANATHA MARATHON by HoneytreeMyrrh - 1979  |  Produced by Jim Stipech
A little something for everyone – straight ahead rock and roll, full-on country, contemplative worship, and even a children’s ditty.

Standout Tracks:
Live for Jesus
Righteous Rock and Roll
Go to Church

• 96 HOME WHERE I BELONG by B.J. Thomas
Myrrh - 1976  |  Produced by Chris Christian

B.J. Thomas was a huge “get” for the fledgling Christian music industry. The album’s title track was recorded by others, but this is the definitive version.

Standout Tracks:
Without a Doubt
You Were There to Catch Me
Home Where I Belong

Grammy Award: Best Inspirational Performance
Dove Award: Best Album By a Secular Artist

• 97 LIVE by Dallas Holm & Praise
Greentree - 1977  |  Produced by Phil Johnson

A low budget live album that gave us an Easter song for the ages.

Standout Tracks:
Hey! I’m a Believer!
He Means All to Me
Rise Again

Dove Award (“Song of the Year”) for Rise Again

WORD - 1976  |  Produced by Lennart Sj√∂holm

Her crystal clear voice and sweet smile evoked a freshness and purity of spirit that won the hearts of audiences around the world. 

Standout Tracks:
Give Them All
Meet Me Here
Broken Up People

• 99 FORGIVEN by Ron Salsbury & JC Power Outlet
Myrrh - 1974  |  Produced by Billy Ray Hearn

This one gave the young people of the Jesus Movement some raucous rock ‘n roll to sink their teeth into.

Standout Tracks:
Oh My Jesus
I Choose to Follow You
Don’t Let Jesus Pass You By

• 100 DANIEL AMOS by Daniel Amos
Maranatha! Music - 1976  |  Produced by Al Perkins

An interesting look at the embryonic stage of one of the most creative bands in the history of Christian music.

Standout Tracks:
Don’t Light Your Own Fire
Losers and WinnersLove in a Yielded Heart